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Scene Sharp technologies is the world’s leading image fusion software company Image quality and analytics is our focus ! We can deliver 4 to 6 times increased quality across all spectral bands from any satellite or aerial sensor with our global “best in breed” lossless image fusion solutions! Scene Sharp’s fusion process preserves spectral fidelity across all bands allowing for extremely high quality image analytics which were not previously possible.

Our software and solutions :

  • Can work across all spectral bands from any source such as the new WorldView-3 and WorldView-2, as well as traditional satellites such as GeoEye-1 and Pleiades:
  • Increase the spatial resolution of WorldView-3 SWIR (Short-Wave Infra-Red) spectral bands to “sub 1 m” analytics:  
  • High resolution SWIR bands in combination with WorldView-3 VNIR (Visible and Near Infra-Red bands) helps analyze for things you never could before:.

Our unique ability to increase SWIR image quality and utilize SWIR together with VNIR bands allows us to:

  • Capture unique spectral signatures (finger-prints), for forestry and crops analytics,  remote sensing for natural and man-made materials detection which can provide information to:
  • Identify and catalogue forestry Species:
  • Analyze species health and pest infestations:
  • Species stress levels and environmental causes:
  • Material types for construction and insurance industries:
  • Environmental conditions for sustainability analytics:

Scene Sharp Technologies solutions create the unique operating systems to drive imagery analytics and customer value!   

Fuze Go MS Sharp

Automated satellite image fusion tool combines high resolution panchromatic imagery with visible and near-infrared multispectral imagery to produce a “lossless” product
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Fuze Go Green

Fusing VNIR and SWIR bands to provide a complete spectral profile that can be used for visual information and data for analysis.
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Fuze Go SAR Sharp

Fully automatic one-step process which fuses Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and multispectral (MS) images. Software can fuse high resolution SAR and low resolution MS images or vice-versa.
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Building a company takes a lot of support from the community and we gratefully acknowledge support from our highly valued partners:

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  • The University of New Brunswick (UNB)

Mission: Increasing business value through remote imaging and analytics!

Vision: Global leader in remote sensing data analytics!


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