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In forestry, money really does grow on trees – sort of.

Every tree translates to income for forestry companies and woodlot owners and represents years of growth and monitoring. Unexpected losses are undesirable in any industry, but for forestry they can take years to recover from. SceneSharp’s affordable yet innovative technology helps forestry companies and woodlot owners protect their investment and enhance their properties.

Take the guesswork out of forest management with accurate, timely data on an entire property.

Forest management is typically handled in a decidedly low-tech manner using manual methods such as photo interpretation and forest cruising. However, these methods are inaccurate, expensive and time-consuming, which can lead to a significant loss of revenue from this resource. The high-quality AI data analytics provided by SceneSharp’s technology allows for accurate mapping of tree species, health monitoring, pest infestation identification and change detection that would not be possible otherwise.

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Our improved data and spectral analysis technology allow for accurate mapping of tree species, health monitoring, pest infestation identification and change detection.

SceneSharp brings four key benefits to users:

  1. Accurate mapping of tree species for forest management purposes – Accurate tree species mapping is a critical attribute in forest inventory, biomass, and stand volume estimation. In large managed forests and woodland areas, it’s often difficult to get up-to-date and accurate information on the spatial species distribution, abundance, and density, especially if the species composition is mixed. To date, forestry companies typically rely on ground-based or aerial survey data, which could be up to 10 years out of date, making it difficult to ensure sustainable forest management practices and for resource evaluation.
  2. Ongoing change monitoring – Trees are money in the forestry sector but relying on nature for income creates the potential for unplanned situations like pests, mould, or storm damage. Typically, woodlot owners would check for these situations by doing a manual walk around their property. However, manually walking around the property has its drawbacks. Some woodlot owners have huge properties, so a manual walk can take a long time. In addition, manually walking around is a reactive management strategy in an industry where it’s better to be proactive. Left unchecked, a pest infestation can quickly spread, while a fallen tree can rot. SceneSharp allows woodlot owners to deal with situations as they arise, allowing them to contain the problem, and in many cases partially profit from the affected trees. Our sophisticated AI analysis of up-to-date geospatial data and satellite imagery supports decision-making by constantly monitoring for signals of risk. Our forest monitoring services include disturbance monitoring to detect unexpected changes such as illegal deforestation, forest fire detection and damage analysis, wind-related damage, and automated monitoring of tree health indicators.
  1. An accurate assessment of woodlot value – Woodlot makeup is rarely static, and since certain tree species are worth more than others, having up-to-date information about the types and quantities of trees growing on the woodlot at any one time can help forestry companies and woodlot owners to determine the value of the assets on their property.
  2. The increase in greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere is considered one of the main causes of global warming. Trees and woodlands play an important role in the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The current methods for inventorying forest carbon are fully or partially completed by boots-on-the-ground field measurements, which tend to be prohibitively costly and time-consuming. SceneSharp’s accurate mapping of tree mass by species provides the necessary data for calculating accurate forest carbon inventory.
SceneSharp is a smarter way to manage a forest. Our affordable technology allows forest companies, woodlot owners and managers to better protect and manage their property.

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