Prioritize maintenance and spot trouble before it comes

Utility and power lines are the quiet hero working tirelessly in the background of our modern lives. When working as they should, they are virtually unnoticed.

Though they’re meant to operate in the background, maintenance and upkeep of utility lines is a big job. Above-ground lines are vulnerable to being impacted by weather and overgrowth of nearby vegetation. Proactively identifying these risks before they occur – such as removing invading trees before they impact power or hydro transmission, is key to maintaining a constant supply to users.

SceneSharp can identify trees and vegetation that could create problems following a major weather event, allowing utility companies to take charge and make an informed, preventative decision before bad weather hits.

In addition to risk mitigation, SceneSharp can also assist with prioritizing ongoing maintenance. Maintaining a consistent supply of power and hydro to users involves a yearly battle against invasive vegetation. Since utility line coverage is extensive and time (and suitable weather) is limited, it’s important to prioritize the areas that most need attention every year, and also plan ahead to areas that will likely need attention next year. SceneSharp allows for easy, timely access to the information required to make these decisions.

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