"See what you've never seen before!"

Image fusion or Analytics….we deliver both!

Increases quality up to 6 times for any image captured from sources such as: satellite, drone, security cameras etc.

Applies spectral science and AI on improved images to detect objects of interest such as: Tree Species, Wetlands, Solar Panels, Roofing Materials, persons etc.

Object detection using data fusion, spectral science, and AI:

Current Projects from SceneSharp Technologies Inc. using Satellite or Drone images:

Forestry and Wetlands

Species Heath / Stress Detection
Pest infestation detection
Species Identification
Carbon Inventory Efficiencies
Landowners property management
Change Detection

Current Projects from SceneSharp Technologies Inc. using Security Video Cameras

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Or alternative contacts are:

Rick MacPhee, CEO / rick.macphee@scenesharp.com / p: 506.333.4222

Dr. Rakesh Mishra, CTO / rakesh.Mishra@scenesharp.com

Gail Scott, COO / gailscott@scenesharp.com