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If a picture is worth a thousand words, think of us as the translator; taking the vigible and infrared information from the image, adding an array of environmental data and fusing them together – adding analytics and creating immensely valuable information for your operation.

Founded in 2011, SceneSharp specializes in providing data analytics using superior visual and infrared data to help inform better business decisions. We’re exclusively focused on data quality and analytics. Our products can improve operations in industries such as forestry, utilities, and security.

If high-quality visual, infrared, or radar data analytics is what you’re after, fuze go® is for you. Capable of improving the quality of any image from any source – such as satellite, drone, and security camera images – our technology provides a new level of clarity and detail.
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Every object is unique, and fuze go®AI provides an AI-based solution for data analytics. Offering efficient analysis of the “fingerprints” of any object in any data, fuze go®AI is the best way to keep an eye on important details.
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