Effective monitoring for critical environmental protection

SceneSharp’s powerful technology is ideally suited to the task of wetland monitoring.

Wetlands, both natural and manmade are a critical part of our ecosystem as they not only help in the fight against pollution, flooding, and industrial waste discharge, but provide an invaluable transitional area between our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystem. Wetlands are found in all countries and climates and are very responsive to changes that take place around and within them. Wetland management needs to be both reactive and proactive as critical changes in the environment directly affect them both positively and negatively. SceneSharp technology assists in the monitoring to a degree of accuracy that would not be possible otherwise.

SceneSharp can identify types of wetlands such as bog, marsh and shallow water, along with any changes that have taken place. The accurate information SceneSharp can provide is integral to an effective monitoring system for both long-term observation and identifying current and changing situations.

In addition, SceneSharp can help inform planning and prioritization to guide wetland maintenance. With the information in hand, decisionmakers can feel confident knowing they are proactively taking steps to ensure future wetland health.


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